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I don’t know about you, but I am a stickler for a clean house. I like things to be in order and enjoy walking into a house after a long hard day that smells clean, looks tidy and feels organized. I realize that there are not many people who are the way that I am, but perhaps I can share with you some things that I do that may help you make your life ‘more organized’ and clutter-free. For starters, if you are a “pack rat” I do not recommend taking on decluttering your whole house at one time. I would start out small. You could begin with a junk drawer.

Once you clear out the clutter there, take in the accomplishment of your efforts that this is now one area of your home that is organized. If you feel good about that, move on to a closet. Clear out things that you haven’t worn in 6 months and donate it. Throw away things that are useless, like empty shoe boxes and broken hangers. Taking on sections of your house at a time, without taking on the ENTIRE project give you a sense of getting things done and keep you from getting frustrated.

There are many things I do in my home to keep it organized that drive my husband crazy, but he always seems to know where to find things. Hmmm, what a concept!

For example, in our bathroom, I have the shelves labeled with what goes where. If, by chance, I have help with the laundry, there is NO question where things belong. I also have one shelf dedicated to towels and I roll them up and stack them neatly on the shelf. Another easy, yet simple idea, is the use of baskets. Baskets are fantastic tools to use in your home, as they can be purchased in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and even materials. I have baskets all around my house.

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Family jokes me that I am a “basket case” but I don’t care, my house is organized! I have a large basket in our living room where I keep folded throw blankets in. They are easily accessible and look nice when they are piled in the basket. Another area of the house I use many baskets of varying shape and size is in my office. I have shelves with baskets on them.

Each basket holds different things, and I know where everything is. For guests who visit our home, they see neatly stacked baskets, and for me – it’s simply clutter-free. I helped a friend with multiple children de-clutter her house using baskets. Each child had their own color and their toys would be kept in their individual baskets. Everyone had their “own space” and their things were neatly organized. Mom was a happy camper and the kids had stowaways that others were forced to keep out of!


You can make many small strides to de-clutter your home, which eventually will turn into bigger things. As you see your home begin to transform from disarray to a breath of fresh air, you will begin to feel the effects of your hard work as your home truly does become your sanctuary.