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With a lot of surroundings ideas for the gardener, you will end up positive to have anything insured when the time comes to make a wonderful spot for a back garden. Not merely that, but considering that gardening features a wide quantity of positive aspects for each the gardener plus the garden, there is certainly absolutely nothing to be concerned about. Gardening could be an enjoyable regular past time or even a method to be connected one particular on one particular together with your environment-friendly thumb. Generate family members time collectively as soon as gardening too and get the complete loved ones involved as well as shell out some alone moment planting the factors you cherish inside your front or back lawn.

A short information about me

I am Christy, a loving wife, blogger, and fan of sweet foods. I do gardening as a hobby. You might wonder how am I able to help you, I know i am just doing it for a hobby, but i am doing it for almost ten years now. I already grew different types of crops in my backyard and our family farm, so before you say that i am not capable of sharing some knowledge about gardening, then i suggest that you think twice. For all people that come to this blog expect to learn a lot of my so-called “gardening tips” that i experience through the years. I am willing to share it for free. I want to help and encourage other people to start gardening, not only it will give you organic foods it will also help our beloved planet. Why Sugar & Smoke? The name of this blog comes from my nickname and my husband, i am a fan of sweet foods, and my husband is apparently a fan of smoking (i know it’s not good, i can’t stop him.).

Thank you for taking time reading this page, If you want to ask me any questions, you can contact me on my social profiles or here.